Spuffy Beer Goggles (Or, When You Started Rooting for These Crazy Kids)

*waves* Hi there everyone. Long time lurker here who is tentatively dipping her toe into the swimming pool that is this fandom! ^_^

My question for everyone here is one which I have pondered about for a long while. Namely, at what point did you start watching Buffy? And do you think that your timing made your shipping of Spuffy inevitable?

I started watching Buffy mid-season 4. In fact, the first full episode I ever saw was The Initiative. In retrospect it cannot have been a better place in which to start watching as a future Spuffy shipper. Although I did like Buffy/Riley at first - Riley's awkwardness in asking Buffy to dance reminded me a little of myself - I soon realised the potential of Buffy/Spike and after the hotness of *that* dream in Out of my Mind I never once looked back.

My timing in discovering Buffy probably helped to cement my absolute love for Spuffy and my dislike of Bangel (well, that and the salty badness that was the kiss in End of Days/Chosen). I actually refused to watch Buffy during its heyday when all of my friends were swooning over Bangel and I'm pretty glad that I stuck to my guns and rediscovered it for myself later. Perhaps if I had started watching then I might never have warmed to the show and fallen in love with Spuffy... Terrible, terrible thoughts.

So who here watched the show with Spuffy beer goggles right from the start? Or did the possibility of the ship suddenly hit you in the face the moment that Spike and Buffy shared their dream kissage?
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That Soul Thing

Hey, guys. To even out the fun discussion earlier in the month, angearia and I wanna also delve a bit into the more controversial aspects of the Spuffy ship. After all, we know Buffy/Spike isn't all puppies and rainbows. Often, that's part of the attraction. And there's plenty of controversy regarding the execution of the ship on the show.

One of the big controversies is Spike's soulquest at the end of S6 and the execution of the mislead. James Marsters wasn't told why Spike was going to Africa, and it was written with such ambiguity that many thought he had gone to have his chip removed. Indeed, this mislead "worked" so well, many fans still believe that Spike was tricked into getting his soul, despite canon indications in S7 that that had been his intention all along (and Joss and the rest explicitly stating that Spike had gone to Africa to get his soul).

So, thoughts? How do you think they handled Spike's soulquest? Did they botch it? Did they handle it well? Share and discuss. :)

Share Your Thoughts: August

Hey guys! It's the first of the month, which means it's the first round of our new (hopefully) recurring feature: Share Your Thoughts.

What this is: Every month, we'll provide five prompts related to Spuffy. Some will be related to fandom. Others will be related to canon. They'll be open-ended prompts. You're free to choose one and write your thoughts about it, then post it to the comm.

At the end of the month, we'll gather up all the Share Your Thoughts posts and index them, adding it to memories. It'll be a neat way to get a variety of opinions out there on the ship.

The details: The post you write can be as long as you want it, though the minimum is 500 words. I doubt angearia and I are gonna be checking the word count, but this is a rough guideline to give you an idea as to what to aim for. If you end up writing more, great.

In the title of the post, indicate which prompt you're addressing, and tag your post with "share your thoughts".

If somebody else writes something about the prompt you want to write about, no problem. There's no limits on that, so you're still free to respond with your own posts. Any particular prompt can be taken in many different directions, so we definitely don't want to limit the response there.

The comments section will, of course, be open for discussion about what you wrote. :)

The prompts are only for the month they're given. Once the month is over, we'll move on to a new set of prompts. We may revisit popular topics on occasion.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know!

Now, let's go ahead and get down to the August prompts.

1. Fool For Love
2. Buffy's behavior in S6
3. Slayer/Vampire
4. Spuffy fanon
5. Spike/Buffy/Angel

Have fun, guys! :)
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Five Spuffy Questions

Just a few fun questions for the day!  Bonus points to anyone who includes screencaps of Spuffy prettiness with their answers. :)

1.  What are your top 10 Spike/Buffy scenes?

2.  What is your favorite Spike/Buffy kiss?

3.  What is your favorite episode for Spike/Buffy for each season?

4.  Why do you think Spike didn't tell Buffy he was alive in AtS Season 5  (the character reason, not the writer's reason)?

5.  What is your favorite type of Spuffy fanfiction to read (angst, comedic, epic, what-ifs, rewrites, AU, PWP, etc.)?

**** If the questions look a little bit daunting, feel free to pick and choose which ones you'd like to answer.


Spuffy Resource List

This is the post full o' links to awesome Spuffy meta. This is a constant work in progress! I'm still scouting around to find and add things to it (I have a tendency to not bookmark things I've read, so I need to dig them back up). If you have a suggestion, leave a comment. :)

Last updated: 7/17/09

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Fandom Influences on Spuffy Love

In the past week, we've all shared a little bit about what drew us to Spuffy.  What some of our favorite moments are on the show and our favorite meta within the fandom.  And in thinking about this connection between the show and the fandom, I was wanting to know if there's a fan creation out there that you hold up as enlightening about Spuffy.  This could be meta, fanfiction, fanvideos and graphic art - but something that showed you a new side, a  new understanding to this relationship or even just a deeper understanding.  These fan creations are a way to see through another fan's perspective, to gain insight into their insight; another person's art shaping how we view the original art of the show and of Spuffy.

For me, I absolutely love watching the Spuffy videos by Darla Production (formerly mscotstar).  The first one that really captured my complete attention was Because I Care, a Spike POV video about his quest to get his soul, both showing what led up to this and the aftermath.  What I enjoy most is that she uses juxtaposition of parallel moments in their relationship, things I wouldn't immediately connect and shows how they've grown.  She also incorporates perfectly timed voiceovers to help tell the story of the video.  Another video by her that I enjoy is Halo which really drives home this imagery of light and dark between Buffy and Spike, most specifically the idea that Buffy's belief in Spike during Season 7 (and maybe her attraction before this) were because she could see his inner light, that light of humanity that he held onto after being turned.  These ideas weren't so much revelations to me as perfect expressions of what I already knew to be true - images and music creating a more powerful and visceral understanding than possible from a cold and analytical read of the most brilliant meta.

So is there a Spuffy fan creation that's near and dear to you?  Something you go back to and still treasure.  Something that helped shape the way you now view their connection.  Would you share why it matters to you?


Our imaginery Revello Drive...

Which isn't necessarily in Sunnydale. ;)

Well, the lovely angearia said I could post it, so I do. :)

As devoted Spuffy fans we have sometimes in our imagination some ideas about future!Spike and Buffy. Living together, or not.:)
I think several people have played with this kind of list in the past but feel free to share yours the way it pleases you .

How do you picture the most incredible, iconic, popular, well-written, beautifully acted, fascinating and timelessly appealing character of all time with his Buffy in a post NFA world ? :)
How do you imagine your future!Spike and future!Buffy?
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Favorite Meta

In the spirit of exploring this amazing ship, I thought it'd be great to discuss the meta out there on Spuffy.  What's the best Spuffy meta you've read?  What meta enlightened you or maybe helped you see the relationship in a new way?  If you have a link, please share it!

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